Quad R, LLC
Tampa, FL

Email: info@quadr.net
Telephone: 813.988.3087
FAX: 813.988.3087

Quad R Team

We employ like-minded individuals with specialized knowledge in the fields of:

• Project management
• Training content development, design, and implementation
• Quality Improvement
• Program/project evaluation and assessment
• Survey writing
• Information management
• Database archetectures
• Graphic design (including 2D, 3D, and Flash animations)
• Instructional design & curriculum development
• Web development
• On-line certification
• Photography, video, and sound
• ISO 9001:2008 certification and review

Our Philosophy
We believe in providing quality customer service. We deliver customized solutions for your business needs. Whether it is a a half-day workshop, a simple website promoting a product or service, a Quality Improvement assessment, or a more complex on-line certification program, we exceed our customers' expectations.

Our Registrations
Quad R, LLC is registered with the following organizations:

My Florida Marketplace
Dun & Bradstreet (pending)
• Defense Logistic Agency Central Contractor Registration (pending)
Small Business Agency

We are a woman-owned small business. We are registered for the following Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes:

5999 7371 7372 7373 7379
7389 8243 8249 8299 8331