Let Quad R LLC's 25+ years experience in consultation will strengthen your business and it's workforce.


Organizational Development:
Work to implement a team development process.
Design a workplace performance improvement process.
Identify missing skills sets to improve team and individual performance.
Increase organizational effectiveness through team assessment and development.
Leadership & Management Consultation and Coaching:
Develop strategies to assist leaders solve specific business challenges, implement organizational changes, and communicate messages.
Coach leaders and teams for understanding differences and communicating across functions.
Work with leaders to develop the right plan for developing specific team skills.
Coach leaders to understand communication styles and preferences, and how to address differences among team members.
Establish learning paths for leadership professional development.
Evaluate current team dynamics and develop plan for filling missing skills "gaps."
Coach for communicating across barriers, differences, and performance issues.
Facilitate team meetings for addressing the "White Elephant" syndrome.
Develop brown bag luncheon topics for team development.

Business & Finance Projects:

Develop Strategic Plans with measurable outcomes.
Assess Succession Planning needs and implement a Workforce Development Plan.
Meet National Accreditation and Federal requirements for planning initiatives.

Develop ISO compliance across processes.

Identify employee and customer needs, expectations, and satisfaction through surveys and assessments.

Work on Quality Improvement initiatives.

E-Learning projects:
Work with process holders to develop online JIT (just-in-time) training.
Convert hard copy manuals and procedure documents into online, web-based training.
Advise on best practices for e-learning specific to your audience.

Edit and revise existing online training based on current adult learning theory and strategies.


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