Website Design

You want to work with a company that builds what YOU want! You want professionalism, communication, and service. Quad R, LLC is dedicated to building e-Learning solutions that work for YOU! Today's web user wants to be able to find, use, or buy your product or service quickly and easily. Quad R, LLC builds websites that meet the users' needs for easy navigation, simple but elegant layout and design, and dynamic, easy-to-read content.

Curriculum & e-Learning Design


Quad R, LLC works one-on-one with your representatives to develop, design, and implement curriculum and e-Learning that meets your needs. Our Design Team follows a 4-Step process:


Step 1 - Assessment: Quad R's consultants work directly with your representatives to determine your desired goals AND identify the needs of your customers. We determine which tools and adult learning methodologies will best "fit" these goals and needs. A detailed Assessment yields the Project Plan.


Step 2 - Content Development: Content is the most valuable asset of your curriculum. It defines who you are and what you have to offer. Quad R, LLC has a proven team of instructional designers who can either take your existing content and edit it for either hard copy or the web OR we can spend time learning more about your products or services in order to develop customized content.


Step 3 - Design: Curriculum or web design and layout determine whether your staff or customers stays in "tuned in." Quad R, LLC integrates your design needs with the technological tools which can best meet those needs.


Step 4 - Post Evaluation: This is a critical, yet often overlooked step in the Design process. Once your curriculm or e-Learning is developed and designed, Quad R, LLC provides a pilot test phase. This Post Evaluation allows you to make minor revisions to better meet your desired goals.



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