Quad R, LLC has consulted with large and small companies in both the public and private sectors. Our services include:

• Meeting and strategic planning facilitation
• Office retreats
• H
alf-day workshops or seminars
• Full day professional development training
• Mulitple day retreats

We can develop and deliver a variety of leadership, management, and communication programs. Some of our "Hot" topics include:

Professional Development Programs

Teanbuilding Programs

• Business Presentation Skills • Leading Organizations in Changing Environments
• Making the Most of Change • Leadership Skills for Teams
• Technical Writing • Teambuilding - Skills for Success
• Speaking & Listening Skills for Professionals • Understanding My Organization
• Interviewing with an Impact • Visioning
• Cultural Competence - Communication Skills • Teambuilding Dynamics

• Dealing with Difference


• Leading Change

Leadership & Management Development

• Negotiation Skills • Systems Thinking
  • Motivating Employees

Organization Development Programs

• Leadership Communication
• M.E.D.I.A.T.E. for Results • Conflict - Leadership Skills for Success
• Meeting Dynamics • Coaching & Developing Employees -Taking C.A.R.E. of
• Strategic Planning • Setting Performance Expectations

• S.M.A.R.T. Results

• Implementing the PDCA Cycle of Quality Improvement

Health-Related Topics:

• Assessing Impact of Business Processes

• Disease Overview (Topics vary)

• Action Planning

• Epidemiological Interview Skills

• Workforce & Succession Planning

• Risk Communication

• Preparing for Audits

• Public Health Core Competences

• Crisis & Media Communication Strategies

• Outbreak Investigation Skills


• Public Health Science

For more information or review training objectives, participant materials, or outcome measures, contact us for more information.

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